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Daniel Dufraimont, MSc
Registered Psychotherapist
Member of OAMHP
(Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals)

Since childhood, the Golden Rule functioned for me as a signpost for health. How can each of us make life better? Respect and getting along are easier said than done. In the world today, forces tear us apart on many levels. Thus, we must remember how to have positive regard, fruitful meditations and galvanized efforts.

I have lived in several countries and, serving as a son, brother, spouse, parent, friend and professional, I cherish courageous conversations that seek coherence and meaning. This is my passion and the core of my competencies: to seek out connections, within ourselves and with our families, friends and communities.

The guiding ethic and principle motivation informing my approach revolves around interdependence. This led me towards a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Human Development and Family Relations with specialized training in Marriage and Family Therapy.

My greatest hope is that we become ever more aware that we are cells in the body of humanity.

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Awareness—of self and others—opens hearts, brightens minds and awakens growth opportunities.

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